What Makes It Easy to Use?

  • No architecture to learn – No distraction set
  • Existing high-level languages unedited
  • Desired user code changes quick & easy
  • Quick TTM
  • Totally general purpose – not a niche product

What Makes It Faster?

  • Ascenium compiler uses GCC/LLVM output
  • Turns user program into a large circuit
  • Executes ≈16 lines of source code at a time
  • Loops and pipelining happens in place and automatically due to marriage of smart compiler/arch
    • >90% of time spent in loop ??????
  • Much faster than existing processors

What Makes It Low Power?

  • Flattening loops and pipe/?? avoids mountains of memory/register operations
    • >90% of power consumption in loops ≤4 lines of codecost-effective

What Makes It Cost Effective?

  • RISC:CISC @Ascenium:RISC
  • Array of ?? very simple logic blocks
    • ≈8 functions
    • Does all the compiler needs
    • Big enough for vast majority of loops to be captured in the array