Simple Architecture – Scales with Area

  • Turns user program into a series of large circuits
  • Executes 100 ARM instruction equivalents at a time
  • Loops & pipelining happen in place, automatically
    • Over 90% of time spent in short loops
  • Dozens to hundreds of times faster than existing processors
  • Restores performance growth to processor industry!

Keep Existing Code

  • Any GCC language source code unedited
  • No architecture or instruction set to learn
  • No constraints on coding style
  • Breakthrough performance on a wide variety of applications

Low Power

  • Executes 100 ARM instruction equivalents at a time
  • Eliminates huge amount of memory and register operations
    • Over 90% of power consumption in short loops
  • Compact 10M transistor core
  • Runs at 0.7V at all times

Cost Effective

Compact 10M transistor core

  • Standard CMOS processing
  • Standard packaging or core technology
  • Very efficiently uses only the 8 simple functions needed by the Ascenium compiler

Ease of Use/TTM

Nothing to Learn or Hand Optimize

  • Any GCC language source code unedited
  • No special coding style
  • Automated tools
  • No hand optimization
  • No architecture to learn

About Us

Ascenium is a lean team that has invested several years in creating a breakthrough computing technology. The principals are…

Robert Mykland


Robert has extensive experience in compiler and software development as well as hardware development. His breakthrough idea came when he investigated what minimal hardware would be needed to execute the output of a modern software compiler. Then he envisioned turning the user program into a large electronic circuit which would be executed in a very simple reconfigurable circuit processor.

Andy Robin


Andy enjoyed a full career as an executive in the semiconductor industry. He works with Robert to have Ascenium technology provide a strong benefit to people’s lives.

Øyvind Harboe

VP of Engineering

Øyvind brings his engineering management expertise to the team. Beyond broad software and hardware experience, he has specific and critical experience for Ascenium with the entire microprocessor toolchain from implementing a microprocessor to writing a GCC backend to implementing operating system support.